As a child I remember the flavour and aroma of the jams my grandmother used to make from the fruits grown in our garden. The years have passed and the idea of an organized small-scale jam production with the flavour and aroma I missed became a lifelong dream and reality.

In 2000 I founded the company Modern Agricultural Applications and completed the construction of a modern glasshouse in the area of Akrata, only a few meters from the sea, in the western Corinthian Gulf. I had previously completed my studies in Agricultural Science and gained experience in greenhouse crops.

In 2010 I started strawberry cultivation and trial production of jams, traditional Greek spoon sweets and strawberry syrup in search of old aromas and flavours.

In 2015 I made another step towards processing of lemons grown organically in my farm, by producing new flavours of jam, as well as fresh lemon juice, always seeking the unmatched flavour of fruits to pass to the final product.