Our products constitute the basic foodstuffs for a vitamin-rich healthy breakfast. They can also be used as ice cream or yogurt toppings for the preparation of pastries and cakes, or in various sauces as an accompaniment for cheese and sausages, even as fish & meat sauces.


  • Extra Strawberry jam (85% fruit) , best choice for kids
  • Extra Strawberry jam  (85%) plain with ginger,  great taste
  • Extra Strawberry jam  (85%) with  bio raw sugar, less sugar, law fat, real taste of fruit
  • Strawberry chutney , an explosion of flavours in fresh cut salads, cheese, meats and others
  • NEW  Extra strawberry jam ( no sugar) , with agave and chia seeds , a real “energy bomb”



*Extra Lemon marmalade (85% )  strong antioxidant, great taste

* Extra Lemon marmalade (85%) with bio raw sugar, less sugar, law fat

* Concetrated fresh lemon juice, a strong antioxidant and refreshing for all