Food safety policy

The company Modern Agricultural Applications – George K. Gkoumas operates in the field of:

Home-made production of marmalade and spoon sweets.

The company’s key principle and commitment, as well as the rationale of every administrative staff member is to provide its customers with products that cover their dietary needs (including possible sensitive users), to comply with the relevant laws and regulatory requirements for food (including recommendations of competent authorities) and to achieve the quality objectives laid down.

Constant improvement of food quality and safety in all activities and by every employee is considered as an integral part of the company’s business planning and its objectives. Furthermore, the ultimate safety of its customers is crucial to its sustainability.

In order to meet the above objectives, the management:

  • Has adopted a Food Safety Management System in line with A.C.C.P principles,which is applied across the company for all activities that have an effect on the safety of its products and its customers’ satisfaction.
  • Continuously reviews and improves the features of its products, wherever possible, as well as the effectiveness of its Processes and, by extension, the entire Food Safety System.
  • Provides the necessary resources for the seamless, efficient and effective performing of every activity.
  • Invests in continuous training, updating and education of its administrative staff in order to promote Food safety in every activity.
  • Monitors, measures and evaluates the critical parameters of its Processes in order to ensure Food safety.

By adopting the principle of continuous improvement, the company recognizes and rewards teamwork and individual effort, invests in people, respects the customer and the community.

 On behalf of the company